Have You Heard Yourself Lately?

Do you think you really pay attention to your thoughts? Do you ever listen to what your mind is actually saying to you? In my last post I was exploring different ways that we can loosen the grip of thinking on our minds and emotions. Ways like challenging your thoughts or recognising convenient fictions are … Continue reading Have You Heard Yourself Lately?

Be Brave, Stay Still

In a time of great need, we must all be needed to do something. It’s a very logical thought, surely at a time like this we must be something we are all required to do. As we sit in lockdown wondering what to do with ourselves often our mind starts posing this question to us … Continue reading Be Brave, Stay Still

The Woodpigeon’s Agenda

Even though there aren’t that many places I can go at the moment to enjoy the scenery, when I look out of my window there is still plenty of nature to observe. Connecting to nature has always been an important part of my practice. This year I have found observing the patterns of nature more … Continue reading The Woodpigeon’s Agenda