Opinions Without Anger

In the UK of late, the news headlines have often been filled with stories and pictures of those appearing to not be complying with the lockdown rules, covidiots as the press brand them, and the actions of some have created a storm of much wrath and heated debate. In the face of an overwhelming crisis … Continue reading Opinions Without Anger

Noticing Nibbana

It might seem like a strange time to suggest we go looking for Nibbana; you might wonder just how likely anyone is to notice it amongst the chaos of our current situation. But I’m not talking about trying to achieve enlightenment, the nibbana I am talking about are those occasional moments of peace that we … Continue reading Noticing Nibbana

The Incorrigible i

I was looking over some old notes of an investigation I was doing a couple of years ago into the nature of self, and I noticed the notes read with an almost poetic tone so I decided to arrange them into a Dhamma poem. I'm not a frequent poem writer, it does occasionally seem like … Continue reading The Incorrigible i

No Feelings? No Chance

Watching a Dhamma Q&A this week I noticed there was something of a theme in the questions. Many of them revolved around asking about ways to alleviate fear, pain, grief, or anger. While it isn't unusual to ask these kinds of questions, even of ourselves, I wondered if this was part of a tendency we … Continue reading No Feelings? No Chance

Like Milk and Water

On top of everything else that is going on, one issue that a lot of people are dealing with right now is trying to get along with each other. Lockdown has unexpectedly led to us spending more time than usual in the company of our loved ones. But just because you love someone it doesn’t … Continue reading Like Milk and Water