The Dhamma of the Everyday

When you have access to Dhamma talks, sutta studies, essays, retreat recordings, guided meditations and books from some of the most well practiced people on the planet available to you 24/7 it can be easy to forget that our own ordinary lives are rich in sources of learning. I've always taken a fascination with the … Continue reading The Dhamma of the Everyday

The Taste of Liberation

“The Great Way is not difficult for those not attached to preferences” Hsin-Hsin Ming By Seng-ts'an, Third Chinese Patriarch, trans. Richard B. Clarke Preferences are something we very much take for granted, we like some things, we dislike others, it seems like a very natural part of human experience. We can assume like and … Continue reading The Taste of Liberation

The Sound of Not So Silent

The sound of silence is a meditation technique made popular by Ajahn Sumedho, but for many of us learning to deal with the not so silent in the world is a significant part of our practice. I learnt to meditate while I was living in a flat across the road from a pub. My flat … Continue reading The Sound of Not So Silent

A Snake, a Rope, a Wasp, and a Hoverfly

There is an often used scenario in Buddhism that explores the nature of perception. You are walking along a country path one day, and as stroll along you spot a snake in the grass, a venomous one perhaps. Naturally your heart rate instantly goes up, your body goes onto full alert, and your mind is … Continue reading A Snake, a Rope, a Wasp, and a Hoverfly