Uncovering the Cancel Mind

After writing last week's blog post I decided to do a little research into Seung Sahn, the Zen teacher who I quoted a conversation between himself and a student. He certainly seemed to have a few unusual elements in his biography, such as spending five years in the army after his ordination (even monks were … Continue reading Uncovering the Cancel Mind

Don’t Know Mind

Leading on from last week's blog about learning to tolerate uncertainty, it seems only natural to explore the role of the mind in certainty and uncertainty. These are two states that we experience all the time, and yet when we scratch the surface it seems that all is not as straightforward as it appears. I … Continue reading Don’t Know Mind

The Sensations of Uncertainty

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic reached our shores, uncertainty has hung over almost everything. Lockdown was easy in some ways, because the range of actions we could take were so limited that it gave us very little extra to be uncertain about. But as lockdown eased I noticed that I suddenly had choices available to … Continue reading The Sensations of Uncertainty

Not Either But Both

I don’t spend a lot of time studying other schools of Buddhism, but every now and again I find something that really supports my practice. I found myself pondering an aspect of Zen teaching this week, from the book Being-Time by Shinshu Roberts. Zen very much focuses on exploring non-duality and aims to break down … Continue reading Not Either But Both

Taking Credit Where None is Due

I noticed something interesting this week that led me into a different area of investigation of the experience of self. I've been on a bit of a healthy eating drive over the last couple of weeks, in part inspired by the reports that a nationwide campaign was going to be launched to encourage us all … Continue reading Taking Credit Where None is Due