Christmas Present Moment

I don’t know why it should surprise me after writing about impermanence and uncertainty last week, but my own plans for this week’s blog were royally upended by the events of this week. I was all set to write what I thought would be a failsafe piece about Christmas and generosity, but starting the week … Continue reading Christmas Present Moment

Understanding Impermanence

Change and uncertainty are an unavoidable aspect of life, a point neatly reiterated to those of us living in the UK in yesterday's announcements that changed Christmas plans for many, myself included. For a lot of people without a practice, constant change is something that they want to stop or to delay as long as … Continue reading Understanding Impermanence

The Roots of Fear

Last week I wrote about fear and that I had noticed a connection between my own thought process and fear reactions. The famous spiritual teacher Krishnamurti believed that thought was actually the cause of fear, that it was the proliferation of the mind when we encounter some danger that triggered out fearful responses. This does … Continue reading The Roots of Fear

Fear of Fear Itself

You might recognise the title of this week’s blog as paraphrasing Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous line that he delivered it in his presidential inauguration speech in 1933, in reference to the challenges facing America as the Great Depression reached its lowest point: “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror … Continue reading Fear of Fear Itself