The Truth is Merely As It Is

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about right speech, and one interesting point that came up from that was that the Buddha didn’t consider something being the truth as solely a good enough reason to express it; under some circumstances where it would cause harm it seems that a truth shouldn’t be spoken at … Continue reading The Truth is Merely As It Is

Grace and Practice

Grace is a powerful and inspiring word, just bringing it to mind seems to have an automatically uplifting effect for me. There’s something about grace that seems to resonate with the qualities that we seek to develop when we follow a practice, and yet it isn’t a word that we come across very often in … Continue reading Grace and Practice

Which Bus Are You Catching?

The five precepts are the most basic Buddhist practice and yet working with them can be anything but simple. These five directions - to not kill, not steal, not have inappropriate sexual relationships, not lie, and not drink or take drugs that cause carelessness - are the foundation of a Buddhist practice. When the Buddha … Continue reading Which Bus Are You Catching?