The Taste of Liberation

“The Great Way is not difficult for those not attached to preferences” Hsin-Hsin Ming By Seng-ts'an, Third Chinese Patriarch, trans. Richard B. Clarke Preferences are something we very much take for granted, we like some things, we dislike others, it seems like a very natural part of human experience. We can assume like and … Continue reading The Taste of Liberation

The Sound of Not So Silent

The sound of silence is a meditation technique made popular by Ajahn Sumedho, but for many of us learning to deal with the not so silent in the world is a significant part of our practice. I learnt to meditate while I was living in a flat across the road from a pub. My flat … Continue reading The Sound of Not So Silent

A Snake, a Rope, a Wasp, and a Hoverfly

There is an often used scenario in Buddhism that explores the nature of perception. You are walking along a country path one day, and as stroll along you spot a snake in the grass, a venomous one perhaps. Naturally your heart rate instantly goes up, your body goes onto full alert, and your mind is … Continue reading A Snake, a Rope, a Wasp, and a Hoverfly