Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

Last week I touched on the subject of techniques that help us to develop equanimity and there are many techniques of a similar kind that help us to loosen the grip of self-view, to see through our mistaken sense of permanence, and to understand dukkha. The Thai Forest lineage of Ajahn Chah is particularly rich … Continue reading Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

New Year, New Who?

It’s easy to dismiss some of our modern New Year’s traditions such as making resolutions as just vehicles for the commercial exploitation of our inclination to narcissism, especially when you see advert after advert for yoga mats, protein powders, and diet books. Likewise it can be just as easy to dismiss some of our older … Continue reading New Year, New Who?

Christmas Present Moment

I don’t know why it should surprise me after writing about impermanence and uncertainty last week, but my own plans for this week’s blog were royally upended by the events of this week. I was all set to write what I thought would be a failsafe piece about Christmas and generosity, but starting the week … Continue reading Christmas Present Moment

Understanding Impermanence

Change and uncertainty are an unavoidable aspect of life, a point neatly reiterated to those of us living in the UK in yesterday's announcements that changed Christmas plans for many, myself included. For a lot of people without a practice, constant change is something that they want to stop or to delay as long as … Continue reading Understanding Impermanence

Don’t Know Mind

Leading on from last week's blog about learning to tolerate uncertainty, it seems only natural to explore the role of the mind in certainty and uncertainty. These are two states that we experience all the time, and yet when we scratch the surface it seems that all is not as straightforward as it appears. I … Continue reading Don’t Know Mind

The Sensations of Uncertainty

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic reached our shores, uncertainty has hung over almost everything. Lockdown was easy in some ways, because the range of actions we could take were so limited that it gave us very little extra to be uncertain about. But as lockdown eased I noticed that I suddenly had choices available to … Continue reading The Sensations of Uncertainty

Not the Storm and Not the Boat

Let me start with a story. Six weeks ago I was released from hospital. I went in for a planned operation on the Monday and was out by the Wednesday. The operation itself wasn't complicated but it required an abdominal incision so I knew in advance that the healing process was going to be a … Continue reading Not the Storm and Not the Boat