Everyday Self

I don’t know about you, but I find it intriguing and sometimes perplexing that I can feel pretty sure I understand the principle of not-self and yet there are times when I still get caught up in taking things very personally. I know I am not alone in having this experience, it is something that … Continue reading Everyday Self

Understanding Impermanence

Change and uncertainty are an unavoidable aspect of life, a point neatly reiterated to those of us living in the UK in yesterday's announcements that changed Christmas plans for many, myself included. For a lot of people without a practice, constant change is something that they want to stop or to delay as long as … Continue reading Understanding Impermanence

Let’s Talk About Not-Self

Anatta, which means not-self, is one of the most important concepts in Buddhism, the definitive one even perhaps. To understand it opens the doors to growth in your practice, and yet to understand it fully requires one of the hardest of things to do - not thinking about it. Descartes famously said "I think therefore … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Not-Self