Conditions, Conditions, Conditions

Conditionality is one of my favourite subjects for investigation and I have learned a lot over the years by teasing apart the role that conditions play in much of our lives and activities from the things that we feel we are responsible for. This post has been inspired by my real life practice, in this … Continue reading Conditions, Conditions, Conditions

The Truth is Merely As It Is

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about right speech, and one interesting point that came up from that was that the Buddha didn’t consider something being the truth as solely a good enough reason to express it; under some circumstances where it would cause harm it seems that a truth shouldn’t be spoken at … Continue reading The Truth is Merely As It Is

Three Wedding Days and a Funeral

Life has been somewhat up and down for me recently, I have been taken away from my usual routines to deal with the sharp end of being alive - namely sickness, old age, and death. But at the same time I found myself in a curious juxtaposition: in the same week I both attended the … Continue reading Three Wedding Days and a Funeral