Right Speech and Conflict

Knowing what to say at the right time is something of an art, but we are lucky that the Buddha did give us some advice to point us in the right direction.I came across an interesting sutta recently while I was doing research for a previous post that gave me the opportunity to be reminded … Continue reading Right Speech and Conflict

The Burden

Every now and again I come across a sutta that has a simple message but can deliver a powerful teaching. One of these suttas for me is the Bhara Sutta (SN 22.22), or The Burden. It’s quite a nice sutta to know because as Buddhists we can spend such a lot of time focusing on … Continue reading The Burden

The Roots of Fear

Last week I wrote about fear and that I had noticed a connection between my own thought process and fear reactions. The famous spiritual teacher Krishnamurti believed that thought was actually the cause of fear, that it was the proliferation of the mind when we encounter some danger that triggered out fearful responses. This does … Continue reading The Roots of Fear

Caught In The Craving Storm

Do you ever get one of those days where your mind just never seems to stop squealing for things, like a toddler in a supermarket? I want one of those, oo, no wait I want one of those, no I want both of those, and one of these too. This is just the workings of … Continue reading Caught In The Craving Storm