The Dhamma of the Everyday

When you have access to Dhamma talks, sutta studies, essays, retreat recordings, guided meditations and books from some of the most well practiced people on the planet available to you 24/7 it can be easy to forget that our own ordinary lives are rich in sources of learning. I've always taken a fascination with the … Continue reading The Dhamma of the Everyday

Opinions Without Anger

In the UK of late, the news headlines have often been filled with stories and pictures of those appearing to not be complying with the lockdown rules, covidiots as the press brand them, and the actions of some have created a storm of much wrath and heated debate. In the face of an overwhelming crisis … Continue reading Opinions Without Anger

The Incorrigible i

I was looking over some old notes of an investigation I was doing a couple of years ago into the nature of self, and I noticed the notes read with an almost poetic tone so I decided to arrange them into a Dhamma poem. I'm not a frequent poem writer, it does occasionally seem like … Continue reading The Incorrigible i

The Woodpigeon’s Agenda

Even though there aren’t that many places I can go at the moment to enjoy the scenery, when I look out of my window there is still plenty of nature to observe. Connecting to nature has always been an important part of my practice. This year I have found observing the patterns of nature more … Continue reading The Woodpigeon’s Agenda

Metta For Fear

Life is always uncertain but at the moment that uncertainty seems more apparent than usual. At times like this naturally we take refuge in our practices, but while they can support us through testing times they often don't give us clear situation specific instructions to follow. We are never really told what to do. Instead … Continue reading Metta For Fear

The Three Refuges

How do you become a Buddhist? Is it complicated? Well no, actually, it can be very simple. In some traditions all you need to do is take the three refuges, these being the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha. The Buddha is of course the Buddha himself, the Dhamma is the teachings, and the Sangha … Continue reading The Three Refuges