Grace and Practice

Grace is a powerful and inspiring word, just bringing it to mind seems to have an automatically uplifting effect for me. There’s something about grace that seems to resonate with the qualities that we seek to develop when we follow a practice, and yet it isn’t a word that we come across very often in … Continue reading Grace and Practice

Noticing Nibbana

It might seem like a strange time to suggest we go looking for Nibbana; you might wonder just how likely anyone is to notice it amongst the chaos of our current situation. But I’m not talking about trying to achieve enlightenment, the nibbana I am talking about are those occasional moments of peace that we … Continue reading Noticing Nibbana

Your Parrot Mind

Do you ever sit in meditation and wish that your mind would just shut up and give you some peace and quiet? Even just a few minutes peace seems like all you need but hard as you try to concentrate your mind just won’t stop. The conversation with Karen from HR, the jingle that was … Continue reading Your Parrot Mind