Person or Personality?

In last week's blog I was exploring the connection between self and tasks, and off the back of it I found myself with an important question. One day last week I was feeling tired and headachy but had an important job to get finished. Strong feelings of resistance to doing the job, or anything else … Continue reading Person or Personality?

No Person, No Task, No Start, No End

Whenever we find ourselves struggling to raise some enthusiasm for a dull chore or persistence in a long, drawn out activity, the Buddhist approach to motivation often involves recalling the principles of not-self. Feelings are not-self, so we tell ourselves that the feeling of wanting to give up is not-self and we try to let … Continue reading No Person, No Task, No Start, No End

Taking Credit Where None is Due

I noticed something interesting this week that led me into a different area of investigation of the experience of self. I've been on a bit of a healthy eating drive over the last couple of weeks, in part inspired by the reports that a nationwide campaign was going to be launched to encourage us all … Continue reading Taking Credit Where None is Due

Opinions Without Anger

In the UK of late, the news headlines have often been filled with stories and pictures of those appearing to not be complying with the lockdown rules, covidiots as the press brand them, and the actions of some have created a storm of much wrath and heated debate. In the face of an overwhelming crisis … Continue reading Opinions Without Anger